vtiger is a very popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. However, as with any software, installing it can sometimes be tricky. In this blog post, we will review a few ways to debug and solve vtiger’s installation errors.

Blank screen /page after Installing vTiger

Blank screen or white page is commonly seen after installation of vTiger CRM. This error is due to fatal error in Apache/MySQL. To fix this error, you need to configure Apache as per the vtiger wiki. This issue is usually seen because of permission issue. 

When you have installed vtiger, the template engine vtiger uses, needs to write cache files inside the folder Smarty/templates_c. So, make sure that your Apache server can read and write inside this folder. If you have installed it recently, then in most of the cases, this is what is preventing you from login into vtiger. 

If you’re having trouble with your Apache server, it can be helpful to enable error reporting so you can see exactly what’s going wrong. In Linux, you can follow this tutorial to do so. If you’re using Windows, it will depend on whether you’re using WAMP or XAMPP.

Once you’ve managed to see what’s causing the error, you can start working on a solution. There’s no magic trick here—if we’re facing an issue with Apache/MySQL, then the solution will vary depending on the error. But with a little troubleshooting, you should be able to get your server up and running again in no time.

Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file

Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file. This error is usually caused by one of three things: either a file permissions issue, the config path is not correct, or there is actually a file missing from your vtiger installation. To solve it, let’s try a few things:

First, check your file permissions and make sure they are set correctly:

Make sure that vtiger has read-access to the files and folder. This changes from one operating system to the other. If you are using Windows, then make sure that the IIS user (typically IUSR_MachineName) has read access to the files and folder. On Linux, ensure that Apache user (www-data or apache) has read permissions. If you get this error after upgrading vtiger CRM, then try clearing your browser cache by doing a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5)

Second, double-check the config path to make sure it is correct. Please go to your config.inc.php and make sure the installation path matches the actual path of your vtiger files.

Debug & Solve vTiger’s Installation Errors

If you find that your vtiger CRM install is not working properly, it may be missing a file. To solve this problem, you can edit the include/utils/CommonUtils.php file. Open the file with a text editor and go to line 2755. Add the following code:

echo “REAL: $realfilepath, ROOT: $rootdirpath”;

This should solve the problem and allow you to use vtiger CRM properly.

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